Foot creme

100 ml
Foot creme
Foot creme, 100 ml


Treat your feet with this delicious foot cream from Meraki. The cream contains urea, organic sesame oil and oat extract that add moisture and nourishment to dry feet. The cream has a wonderful scent of herbs. How to use the foot cream: Use Meraki foot cream on clean, dry feat. Massage the feat with a generous amount of cream to ensure that the cream penetrates the skin. The cream is especially good when put on right before bed. The cream provides long-lasting moisture. The cream is absorbed fast and leaves your feet soft and smooth. Does not contain: Endocrine disruptors, colorants.


Limonene, Linalool. Does not contain: Endocrine disruptors, colorants.

Do NOT contain:

Endocrine disruptors, Colorants, Parabens