Makeup set, 7 pcs

7 pcs
Makeup set, 7 pcs
Makeup set, 7 pcs Makeup set, 7 pcs Makeup set, 7 pcs Makeup set, 7 pcs
Makeup set, 7 pcs of brushes in suedeclutch.


Good make-up brushes make a big difference when you are applying the perfect make-up. With this practical make-up brush set from Meraki, you are on your way to the perfect application process. This brush set consists of 7 quality brushes, and is an indispensable set for anyone who wants to apply beautiful make-up. The brushes come in a practical and beautiful suede clutch that protects the brushes. How to clean your brushes: Extend your brushes’ lifespan by cleaning your brushes regularly, especially to remove dirt and debris. Clean your brushes with water and mild shampoo once a week. When cleaning the brushes that are used for creamy products, you can smear a little bit of almond oil onto the bristles, and then wash with shampoo. Finish with rinsing the brushes thoroughly in cold water. Let the brushes dry by lying them on a flat surface. This way you prevent the water from dissolving glue and the hair pulling away from the handle. Powder brush: The brush is made of soft goa